How many high net worth individuals are there in the world?

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The number of super-rich people around the world grew at a blistering pace in 2017 and there now more than 18 million people in the world with spare money of $US1 million or more, a new report says.

Business consultancy Capgemini has released its annual list of high net worth individuals (HNWI) – people with investable assets of at least US$1m in addition to their home and other basic items such as a car.

How many HNWIs are there in the world?

More than 18 million HNWI’s globally, worth a combined US$70 trillion. There are:

* 174,800 ultra-wealthy people with $US30m-plus in investable assets, worth a combined US$24.43 trillion.

* 1.6 million “mid-tier millionaires” with $US5-30m

* 16.3 million “millionaires next door” with $US1-5m

Where are they?

* America – 5.3 million HNWIs

* Japan – 3.2 million HNWIs

* Germany – 1.4 million HNWIs

* China – 1.3 million HNWIs

* Australia (9th overall) – 278,000

Which country is growing fastest?

* India – 20pct growth in HNWIs last year to 263,000 people

Source: Capgemini 2018 World Wealth Report.


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