Tips for meaningful Christmas experiences with family and friends

5 Tips for Meaningful Christmas Experiences With Family and Friends

Christmas is a well-loved holiday people look forward to, but itā€™s also a time when there seem to be endless to-do lists, presents to buy, and parties to attend. In the end, most of us are left feeling worn out and even relieved that Christmas is finally over. Do you feel the same?

Well, youā€™ll be glad to learn that Christmas doesn’t have to be this way.

So, take a time to sit down and read about these five simple ideas to make meaningful Christmas experiencesĀ with your family and friends before you get carried away by holiday to-do lists and activities.

1. Be selective about events.

Plan your Christmas get-togethers with family and friends thoughtfully and ahead, accounting for both the horrifying traffic and the nauseating crowds of mall-goers (if gift-giving is involved).

Say no to invites that arenā€™t required and attend only those events that will deepen the meaning of the season for you and your loved ones.

2. Start new family traditions.

Making Christmas more special for your family can be done by establishing family traditions ā€“ especially if you donā€™t have any. Traditions donā€™t have to be difficult and can be quite simple.

Here are a few examples of wonderful yet easy-to-keep Christmas traditions:

  • Decorate your Christmas tree together as a family.
  • Spend a night sleeping together as a family next to the Christmas tree.
  • Tell stories while waiting to fall asleep near the Christmas tree.
  • Make cookies or brownies and distribute them to friends, family, and neighbours.
  • Volunteer together and assist in a soup kitchen distributing food during the holiday season.

3. Put a lot of thought into your gifts.

Shop for meaningful presents for your loved ones. Remember that haste makes waste, so start early to avoid any last-minute shopping.

If you have time and the skills needed, you can make thoughtfully crafted gifts by hand for your friends and family. Another great and convenient option would be to buy gifts from charities or NGOs like animal shelters, orphanages, etc.

4. Reconnect with loved ones you havenā€™t been in touch with.

Contact someone you havenā€™t spoken to in a while. Send a letter to a relative from whom you have been estranged. Talk to a friend you miss yet have lost touch or had a falling out with.

Remember, Christmas is a great time to make amends and renew old, precious connections.

5. Make movie night meaningful.

Watching Christmas-themed comedies or inspirational films with friends and family will help you get into the holiday spirit.

Make this an annual Christmas tradition and let it be a time to get you all inspired to do some good in the world.

Thereā€™s a long list of things you can do to have a meaningful Christmas, but these five are a great way to start. Happy Christmas!

If this article has inspired you to think about your own unique situation and, more importantly, what you and your family are going through right now, please contact your advice professional.

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