Australian scientists launch jellyfish app

David Sigston
(Australian Associated Press)


Australian beachgoers can look forward to summer with the hope that a new app could help prevent jellyfish stings.

A new Jellyfish App will contain information regarding jellyfish locations and identities, as well as first aid treatment.

The App is the brainchild of Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Services director Lisa-Ann Gerswhin, who came up with the idea over a year ago as two fisherman friends constantly picked her brain for information on jellyfish.

“I would get so many emails and calls from around the world asking for advice about summer holidays, and I thought this would be the best way to give people the information in the palm of their hand,” Dr Gerswhin told AAP.

The app, due to be launched soon, will feature 230 species of jellyfish, with more to be added.

Australian waters are home to deadly jellyfish such as irukandji and box jellyfish.

“But, so many of the jellyfish in our waters are harmless and incapable of stinging,” Dr Gerswhin said.


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